Applications of EPS Thermocol Boxes in the Packaging Industry?



Thermocol box packaging is becoming increasingly popular in various industries, including electronics, electrical, glassware, utensil manufacturers, and others. For secure transportation of these products, all important and sensitive items are put in Thermocol boxes and then inserted into packaging boxes.

Due to its lightweight, styrene packaging helps achieve significant transportation savings compared to conventional packaging materials. Its superior cushioning and thermal capabilities help maintain temperature and reduce harm to delicate products, resulting in decreased damage rates. Thermocol trays are also used to load lightweight things like chocolates, candies, and bakery goods. These goods can be utilized for a variety of applications, including food and beverage packaging, electronic industries, artifact insulation, decorating, and filling, among others.


Thermocol Boxes for Pharmaceutical Sector

Thermocol Boxes are a hygienic material commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to safely carry various items ranging from temperature-sensitive vaccines, insulins, and blood bags that require uniform low temperatures throughout storage.

We have a product to cater your needs, whether you need to secure important products during shipping, maintain a specific temperature or humidity level, or simply ensure that products are retained in their original condition. We are now offering numerous variations of Thermocol box, also known as Thermocol iceboxes and Temperature controlled box, as one of the most valuable cold chain packaging manufacturers.

Engineering, hardware, pathology labs, and other applications can benefit from a customized moulded or produced polystyrene box.

Thermocol Boxes for Food Packaging

Food packaging boxes made of thermocol for a variety of meals and beverages, including processed quick noodles, supermarket raw meat, ice cream, prepared foods, and beverages. They’re also widely employed to serve restaurant takeaway, and they’re available upon request for diners who want to take the rest of their meal home. The thermocol is a good thermal insulator, making the container easy to carry while also keeping the food at its temperature when it was filled, whether hot or cold.

Thermocol Icebox

Thermocol ice boxes are used to protect and insulate against the elements. These polystyrene boxes provide great containers for any type of food, giving insulation from temperature sensitivity for a longer period of time while in transition. It makes for the most authentic and acceptable food packing container solutions due to their high benefit percentage and cost-effectiveness.

The nicest part about thermocol boxes for ice packing is that they are 100% recyclable, making them environmentally friendly. They are also authorized and highly recommended for food transit packaging.

Thermocol packaging is the most widely used packing material in the planet. It’s ideal for packing small, lightweight products or materials. Our products safeguard the product and limit the risk of damage during transportation. Our thermocol ice box line is unique in design and is composed of high-quality raw materials for increased robustness.


Thermocol Fish Boxes

We provide Thermocol Fish Boxes to our customers. They are made of high-grade thermocol. Its cushioning features help prevent damage during travel, and its small weight makes handling and storing easier. It was created to satisfy the entire packaging needs of fishing by-products stored at a low temperature. Furthermore, the insulated and leak-proof nature of the container protects the contents stored inside from temperature and humidity fluctuations. Because it is light in weight, there are extremely few chances of breaking during transit. This makes it easy to transfer.

  • Maintains the temperature of the fish throughout the transportation process.
  • Its insulated and leak-proof properties protect products from temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  • They are lightweight, so they are easier to move around.

EPS Thermocol Packaging has a variety of uses

  1. The color white is unique.
  2. Made with a leak-proof seal and temperature changes in mind.
  3. It’s light.
  4. It reduces the likelihood of property damage.
  5. It’s nutritious, with odorless benefits and resistance.
  6. It is eco-friendly.
  7. It may be shaped into any shape you like.


Thermocol packaging boxes are a unique packaging component with a variety of uses. The box’s specific proportions are great for storing items without compromising their quality or freshness. As a leading manufactures of styrene, Styrene Insulation Industry (SII), we deliver high-quality services at a low cost with the quickest turnaround time possible, just as you like. We are available to our valued customers 24×7 a week to provide them with the finest service possible. You can ask us anything about thermocol packaging, and our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you with questions you may have about custom packaging boxes.


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