Get to Know Insolite Sheets: The Innovative Building Material You Need to Know About

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The premium feel and superior materialistic quality of Insolite sheets have revamped the concept of construction within the field of engineering. Insolite-based styrofoam sheets have finally made it into the market and helped bridge the gap between designing and construction.

If you are not updated with the current trends of constructions, it’s time you are aware of the special features of Insolite sheets and what it has to offer in terms of construction. But let us start with a basic question:

What are Insolite sheets?

Insolite sheets are used for the purpose of construction and packaging. Styrene, the leading polystyrene sheet supplier company in UAE, has popularized the usage of Insolite sheets for interior designing and other construction-based requirements.

The versatility, lightweightedness, and insulation property of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has helped with diversification of its usage. Insolite sheets by Styrene have helped with advancement in such a way that it is widely used for building warehouses, factories, shop fronts, office buildings, houses, apartments, sheds, patios, and garages.

Due to an increase in temperature during the summers and the growing demand for insulated buildings, Insolite sheets have officially made it into the manufacturing industry.

Revamping the Concept of Construction: Thermally Insulated Buildings

Most people are out on their way to look for houses and apartments that protect them from the extreme and adverse effects of the weather in their region. Thermally insulated buildings will protect you from the harsh heat during summer and prevent loss of heat during winter. Let us look into some major benefits of thermally insulated buildings and why is it worth global recognition:

  1. Temperature retention: Thermally Insulated buildings will keep you warm during the winter and save you from the harsh effects of summer. The rendered wall systems built with Styrofoam sheets are useful for energy efficiency and maintaining a safe and consistent temperature in the room.
  2. Lightweight component: The durable advantage of the thermal insulation sheet has allowed easy application during construction. Insolite sheets are ideal for roofing as it retains ideal thermal insulation properties.
  3. Molding and Decoration: The biggest advantage of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) material is how it helps with providing structure and variety in designing at the same time. Insolite sheets can be modified to provide an aesthetic touch for the interiors and exteriors of buildings. Construction of movie sets and amusement parks use Polystyrene for creating lively and thematic structures.
  4. Insulation for wine tanks and pipe: Insolite sheets can be used as a base for the construction. They help deal with external interferences such as noise and temperature.
  5. Noise Control: Insulated walls generally help with soundproofing, making it a suitable choice for modern houses.
  6. Moisture Retention: The kitchen and bathroom’s moisture content can run the risk of condensation. But the good news is that you can manage the air supply and slow heat transfer due to condensation with the help of properly insulated walls.

Poorly insulated buildings can make living conditions a serious challenge for residents. To cope with the extreme climatic conditions of UAE, Styrene has dedicated their marketing towards the supply of Insolite sheets made from Polystyrene.

Production and Cost

Insolite sheets by Styrene are made from Expanded Polystyrene, which involves a long chain of manufacturing processes like molding, cooling, cutting, and stabilizing. The insulating property of Insolite sheet is produced out of quality control measures including assessment of size, density, temperature, and strength. Insolite sheets are also known as Polystyrene sheets, and these sheets are used for the application of construction and design.

Are Insolite sheets affordable for construction?
Polystyrene is considered to be a cost-effective material for both construction and packaging. They reduce labor and time during installation and allow easy transportation. Because of reduced labor, the cost and time required for installation of Insolite sheets are comparatively low. Styrene’s produce sheets of various densities ranging from 10-44 Kg/m3, and the investment is reasonable in terms of cost.


The durability of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has made Insolite sheets an ideal solution for a fast-paced, less time-consuming, and cost-effective mode of construction. Styrene’s Insolite sheets have allowed structures and designs that are strong, sturdy, and long-lasting. The low level of absorption and excellent insulating property of Insolite sheets has helped with both commercial and residential applications. Choose Styrene as your partner for construction.


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