How to Recycle Your Polystyrene Fish Box efficiently?



One uses expanded polystyrene to make a Polystyrene fish box. One also uses it for transportation. Since you can use it only once, it leads to enormous waste that is difficult to deal with.  Expanded Polystyrene Fish Boxes are also known as Styrofoam. It is the material used in the packaging of the seafood to keep them fresh.

What does one mean by polystyrene?

Polystyrene is a very durable material but difficult to recycle. It is available in two forms: solid and foamed. As per the statistics, the term polystyrene has originated from styrene, which is a liquid hydrocarbon. It is naturally transparent, but it can adapt to the colourants.

What do you mean by expanded polystyrene?

Expanded polystyrene is a substantial closed-cell plastic commonly used in home insulation, food packaging and storing, and fish boxes. Although they are supposed to be the same plastic-like polystyrene, the production process is different for the two. The EPS is extruded into foam that makes it a perfect choice for insulation and impact.


Why is there a lot of waste generated by the fish box?

Most of the seaside countries have people who earn their livelihood by selling seafood. Since the seafood is wet and smelly, one needs to freeze them using ice to keep them fresh. So the packaging of the seafood is done uniquely. Polystyrene is the perfect material to make a fish box because they are cold-resistant and does not allow the water to leak out easily.

Seafood is in great demand, and one needs it in large quantities. When one cannot use the same fish box more than once, the problem arises even when the request is high. It generates a tremendous amount of waste. And the fish boxes are traditionally buried in the wildland, but since polystyrene are non-degradable, it impacts the environment severely.

It is one of the common issues faced by all the manufacturers of fish boxes. With the invention of the new technology and environment protection act, everyone wants to use a recyclable product. EPS recycling has come into the picture and is taking the world by storm to ease the pressure on people.

What are the different ways of recycling polystyrene fish boxes?

Loosely speaking, as of now, there are two ways of recycling EPS fish box. One method is the incineration method that yields energy and the other method is recycling it into other forms that one can use for different purposes. One can also compact the polystyrene in two ways. One is with heat, also known as thermal densification, and another one is carried out without heat, known as cold compaction.

What is the EPS recycling method?

In today’s world, the seafood industry is the only industry that produces maximum waste by manufacturing ample numbers of waste boxes every day. The EPS recycling method is used to recycle EPS fish box by converting the EPS waste into a reusable material. It was possible only because of the invention of the GREENMAX EPS Compactor. It is known all over the world and is also sold to several countries and regions globally. Initially, it was designed for compacting EPS only, but with improvement and invention being a huge success, it was capable of compressing the EPS much more efficiently compared to the older version and also converting them into excellent quality EPS blocks, which one can sell and earn money.


 What is the advantage of using an EPS compactor?

The most significant advantage of using an EPS compactor is that the company sells an EPS compactor and buys the EPS blocks recycled by the compactor. So you need not worry about that. If you are purchasing the machine, you can be rest assured that they would buy back your EPS blocks that the device has recycled in a hefty amount.  You need not throw away the blocks; instead, you can earn money from them. It could be a very profitable investment for all the seafood businessmen who have been throwing away these materials unknowingly in the past.

What are the materials that can be made with polystyrene?

You can prepare several materials from polystyrene. They are as follows:

  • Foam hot beverages cups
  • Food packaging and storing
  • Cartons that are used to store eggs
  • Ready to take food boxes
  • Teapots or yoghurt pots available in the market
  • Polystyrene Fish box

What are the materials that can be made with expanded polystyrene?

You can prepare several materials from expanded polystyrene. They are as follows:

  • Expanded Polystyrene Fish Boxes
  • Electrical goods packaging
  • Building and home insulation that includes floors, walls, roofs. etc
  • Takeaways packaging
  • Car insulation in seats
  • Packaging balls

What is the advantage of recycled polystyrene?

There are several benefits of recycled polystyrene to list down. Some of the most obvious ones are:

  • One can use recycled polystyrene in the form of wood to make park benches and fence lampposts. These materials come at a low price compared to hardwood and can be used in the place of the wood that is harvested from rainforests.
  • One needs a vast amount of petroleum to make polystyrene which is a non-renewable resource. But recycling polystyrene can reduce the amount of oil significantly needed for the manufacturing process.
  • Another benefit is the decrease of litter and garbage on land and sea because of polystyrene recycling. One does not see junk thrown all over the place.
  • Polystyrene produces toxic chemicals when burnt without any efficient incinerators. But recycling can prevent them from burning in the backyards, and hence no production of such substances would be seen.
  • Polystyrene tends to have a massive threat to marine life. After wearing out, it disintegrates into smaller particles that seem to be food for fishes. After the fishes or other marine wildlife consume this particle, it clogs their digestive system and eventually kills them.


Expanded Polystyrene Fish Boxes can be recycled and can be reused. The boxes can be extruded into a tube of solid. And for companies that generate a large amount of EPS waste would be beneficial and cost-effective to build an in-house EPS compaction facility. These companies can also earn a lot of money by communal collection and compaction service.


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