Insolite Packaging Boxes Over Plastic Boxes for the Long Term Freshness of Fruits and Vegetables



Insolite Food Packaging Boxes Over Plastic Boxes

While transmitting food and greens we give priorities to the long-term freshness of goods. Insolite Packaging boxes are a fruitful option for the perseverance of freshness of goods. Polystyrene vegetables and fruits boxes made up of Polystyrenes that uphold lightweight properties and exceptional thermal, and shock absorbing traits. The efficiency and accuracy of EPS boxes(Insolite Boxes) are tested through polystyrene box insulation tests. The packaging industry relies on insolite boxes due to the feasible management of storage goods for the long term perseverance.

These polystyrene boxes enable the transition of any kind of food by providing insulation for a longer time. It can withstand temperature sensitivity during the changeover of storage goods. Insolite boxes are renowned for their lightweight feature and essentially for cost-effectiveness. For all kinds of food packages EPS box extends the maintenance of temperature stability inside the box, and therefore it is used by almost all the food industry units for orderly and faultless transit.

The constituent component of the insolite box is polystyrene. And this compound exhibits antifungal resistance with odorless and tasteless features. Considering the features into account, insolite boxes are perfect for transiting food packages. The long term storage and freshness will be locked inside the EPS box. The expanded polystyrene makes these insolite fruits and vegetable boxes against vibration and shock with high cushioning features. Due to the delicate nature of Polystyrene, insolite boxes are durable for the transition and packaging of any kind of food.

Advantages of Insolite Packaging Boxes

The non-toxic feature of insolite boxes accelerates the enhancement of packaging and transmitting of food, vegetables, and fruits. Rather than the aforementioned features, Insolite boxes are viable for recycling and reusing. Environmental sustainability should be considered a primary notion in every field. EPS boxes are highly recyclable and we can reduce environmental hazards.

It’s time to shift and avoid plastic from our surroundings. Someway or other the heap of plastics in every corner creates a threat to the environment. Through the relocation of plastic containers and boxes, we can avoid the toxic flavours and dullness of fruits and vegetables. Insolite packaging boxes extend a wide array of possibilities in the transiting of foods and greens. It catalyzes the freshness of grains with unparalleled nurturing of thermal sensitivity. The recycling features and ecological advantages validate Insolite boxes as a complete solution in food and greens transmission.

Insolite boxes implement cost-effective vegetable and fruits packaging by upholding the sustainability of the environment.



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