Is It Safe To Grow Vegetable Plants In Polystyrene Boxes Or Foam Boxes?



Polystyrene is a plastic used for making various consumer products. Similar to solid and hard plastic, it is used for packing foods. A mix of colorants, plastics, and additives, along with polystyrene, helps make appliances. Besides, it is used to produce automobile parts, gardening pots, and so on. After conversion into foam, it is termed expanded polystyrene. Owing to its cushioning and insulating properties, polystyrene boxes are precious.

Have you ever wondered why polystyrene boxes are used for growing vegetable plants? While being lightweight, these boxes are easy to move from one place to another. For example, you can transfer your plants outside in the afternoon shade to cool down. During winters, the polystyrene boxes ensure proper insulation for your plant’s roots. You can bring in these boxes without spending an extra penny. Better yet, try to bring them from fish markets, dental offices, or butcher shops. You can buy these boxes from Polystyrene Box Suppliers.


Are foam boxes ideal for growing vegetables?

Growing vegetable plants in foam boxes are straightforward. While the small ones are ideal for increasing radish and lettuce, a bigger one is ideal for producing large tomatoes. Of course, these boxes are an inexpensive option for planting herbs and flowers. Surround the looks of this box with the help of a few trailing shrubs or plants.

Where can I buy these polystyrene boxes?

You can buy these boxes from Polystyrene Box Suppliers via offline or online modes.

How can I grow my plants in polystyrene boxes?

Firstly, at the bottom of the boxes, you can poke a couple of holes. These holes can ensure ample drainage for the plants while preventing them from rotting. If you are willing to grow plants with shallow roots, you can fill its bottom with Styrofoam peanuts. Secondly, you should reload this box with some potting mix or rotten manure on the top. The manure should consist of up to 20-30% of the potting mixture. However, 10% is generally idle for growing vegetables.

To ensure proper drainage, you can elevate the pots up to 2.5 cm. You can use bricks to do this job. Make sure to place this box where it can receive sunlight. Plant your seeds in this potting mix carefully, one at a time. While planting the seeds, you should plant them a few inches apart from each other. Make sure your plants aren’t grown in a congested way. Crowding your plants can hinder their growth and prevent oxygen from reaching them. Lack of proper air circulation can force them to rot.

It would help if you kept a vigilant eye on these polystyrene boxes by checking them daily. During hot weather, the veggies in these containers require lots of water for their growth. However, you should avoid overwatering them to prevent sogginess. To retain the cool and moisture of potting mix, ensure to include a mulch layer. When you use large containers, you require large soil quantities to fill the pots from top to bottom. It can get costly, and you can end up paying for extra soil. You can grab these boxes from Polystyrene Box Suppliers.

Make sure to add a few inches of chunks or foam peanuts at the bottom to reduce soil requirements. The foam peanuts can prevent the soil from washing away.

Is it safe to grow your vegetables in polystyrene or foam boxes?

As the foam is made manually, there are numerous arising concerns about the chemicals in it. These harmful chemicals can seep from the foam and enter inside the soil. It can lead to the contamination of plants. Most of the boxes are made of styrene. Besides, styrene is often used as packing foam and food-service materials. This chemical has been listed as a carcinogen or cancer-causing element by National Toxicology Program.
Consequently, styrene is drawing concern and attention from consumers. Further, the report asserts, foam can be said to grow vegetables. However, it can deteriorate the conditions of workers working in industries that use styrene to construct boats. To know more, you can consult with expert Polystyrene Box Suppliers in UAE.
From the perspective of environmental safety, foam never breaks down. As a result, it won’t degrade inside a vegetable growing container. So, you can safely use it as a filler. However, a few chemicals inside the foam can come out in case of overheating. In average temperatures, the chemicals won’t leach out.
Eventually, these foam boxes are the best and cheapest option for growing your vegetables. You can grab one of these boxes from Polystyrene Box Suppliers in UAE.

How can you use foam boxes safely?

The size of the vegetables and the box dictates the amount of foam you should add to the pot. If you have a foam box whose depth is 12 inches, you can add foam peanuts or chunks to 6 inches. For plants that require eight inches of soil, you shouldn’t use more than four inches of foam.


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