What are the materials required to grow vegetables in a foam box?



If you want to do gardening, it need not be an expensive one. You can do it with the help of a Polystyrene vegetable box which is an ideal choice of gardening on the lowest budget. You can also grow vegetables in small or large containers and make gardening easy at your home.  You can grow all kinds of vegetables in the comfort of your home.

What are the types of boxes available in the market?

Types of boxes that are readily available in the market are as follows:

  • Styrofoam grow box already has an in-built hole in the base to allow the vegetables to grow efficiently and have a proper drainage system.
  • A box that is a broccoli type comes with a lid and does not contain a hole in the base.
  • Plastic pots can be painted and renewed to be used in planting.
  • You can also use metal planting containers or boxes as it gives a unique look to the garden.
  • Using wooden planters can also be a good choice as it is a simple DIY, which requires ordinary materials.
  • Ceramic containers are also equally effective in growing veggies and other fruits to add beauty to your home garden.

These boxes are very durable and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. It can withstand all temperatures and is thermally insulated. These boxes are used in food packaging and food storing in most food industries apart from growing vegetables in the box.


What are the materials required to grow vegetables if you want to have your garden?

Huge containers can contain many vegetables as they have enough space to give the roots expanding capacity. It is always beneficial to use deeper and larger boxes for gardening. You may need several materials for gardening. Some of the materials required to grow vegetables in your garden are:

  • A good quality Styrofoam grow box or other containers.
  • All the seedlings that are required to grow a vegetable.
  • Bricks and stones.
  • A trowel used in gardening
  • Plenty of water to sow seeds.
  • Compost of excellent quality, which can bear maximum output.
  • A cloth

What is the way of growing vegetables in your garden?

If you have been thinking of gardening at your home, you need to follow these steps carefully. Here we have listed down the step-by-step guide of growing vegetables:

Step 1: You need to assemble all the materials as mentioned above and make them ready.

Step 2: You need to ensure that all the foam boxes have proper holes in the base to ensure adequate drainage.

Step 3: You need the fill the box with good quality compost.

Step 4: You need to spot a good place to grow your vegetables. You can choose any site where there is direct sunlight for photosynthesis of the plant.

Step 5: You need to elevate the foam boxes with bricks and stones to ensure water flows out evenly.

Step 6: After completing all of these necessary steps, you can plant the seedlings of your choice. You need to confirm that they are moist until the germination period.

Step 7: Do not overdo the seedlings. You can enjoy the plantation at your home and enjoy your fresh homegrown vegetables.

You can buy one of the polystyrene vegetable box UAE from the polystyrene box suppliers in UAE. These foam boxes are the cheapest option to grow vegetables in your home garden.


What are the vegetables that you can grow at your home?

Some of the vegetables that you can grow at home are:

  1. Carrots
  2. Green chilies
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Aubergines
  5. Capsicum
  6. Coriander
  7. Lemons
  8. Basil
  9. Peppers
  10. Green Onion
  11. Peas
  12. Raddish

Is it safe to grow vegetables in polystyrene or foam boxes?

Since the foam is made manually, there are various concerns about the chemicals growing inside it. These chemicals are very harmful which can also seep from the foam and mix in the soil. It can also lead to plant contamination which can destroy its natural beauty. As the boxes are made of styrene, it is not good for health. This chemical had been listed as a cancer-causing element by National Toxicology Program, which is often used as packing material for foam and food service.

Because of this, styrene is drawing tremendous concern and attention from customers. Further, the report states that the foam can be said to grow vegetables. Still, it deteriorates laborers working environment in industries and factories that use styrene to construct boats. The laborers have to bear the cost of these artificial materials.

From the perspective of environmental safety, foam never breaks down, so it won’t degrade or contaminate the inside of a vegetable-growing container or box. So, it can be safely used as filler. However, there are certain chemicals inside the foam that can come out because of overheating. In average temperatures, the chemicals won’t leach out, and the vegetables that are grown inside will be safe.

How do you take care of the vegetables in your garden?

For taking good care of your vegetables in containers, you should inspect them and water them daily and frequently (twice or thrice a day) during hot weather. Use a watering technique or methodology on those days in which you cannot water the plants. It would be best to try to recycle clean wastewater from the house to water the veggies to utilize the nutrition efficiently. Add a little liquid plant food to their water every week so that they bear great fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables also need a good amount of direct sunlight for photosynthesis. The new plantings can burn because of scorching heat, so you should also shade them until they are well established to grow outside the container. It would be best if you did not keep them under the sun for a prolonged period.


If you have been planning gardening at your home, you should do it right away. You can buy a Polystyrene vegetable box UAE which can help you have good planters at home. These boxes can be recycled, giving you opportunities to plant something new. You can have your eco-friendly garden, which will provide you with good fresh veggies and pure oxygen to breathe.


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