Polystyrene Foam Cutting Services for Architectural Moldings



A physical feel of a project is obtained from architectural modeling created by perfect polystyrene foam cutting processes. Architectural modeling is an integrated process of architectural design that architect follows during the building process.

Foam Material

It is a very porous and soft material. Foam can be manufactured using raw materials like polystyrene,  polyurethane, polyethylene, etc. There are two types of foam: 1) Open-Cell foam and 2) Closed-Cell foam. Open-cell foam exhibits good compression resilience, and physically it is soft. Closed-cell foam shows greater insulation performance and has good compressive strength. Both types of foams have a wide range of applications in industries. The properties like heat insulation, lightweight, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, and sound absorption make it an essential material in industries and daily lives.

In the last few years, polystyrene foam has got its place in industrial usage. The foam has a wide range of applications like shipping, making safety goods, architectural modelings, artwork, etc. The industry has found that a CNC foam cutter and a laser beam are the machining tools for cutting foam with precision. The laser beam and CNC cutter are highly impressive compared to conventional machining tools than hot wire cutter, knife or waterjet cutting.


CNC Foam Cutter

EPS foam, PU foam, EPP foam are processed using the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) foam cutter. This cutter can handle soft materials, non-metals, and wood also. This machining tool is used for cutting molded expanded polystyrene into architectural modeling. It has a wide range of applications in various industries like decoration and packaging.

Why is CNC Foam Cutter?

Even though foam is soft material getting a smooth cutting edge with manual cutting is a difficult task. First of all, CNC foam cutting is an automated process. Due to the high-speed spindle rotation in the cutter, it exerts uniform pressure throughout the foam surface. The smooth foam cutting surface is obtained.

CNC foam cutter is used for carving 3D molds for architectural designing, sculptures, car molds, etc. We can cut foam at different angles and levels as there is a high-speed rotating spindle. The designers are interested in using this cutter as they can get the exact model of the design. CNC bit cutting shows better performance than laser and hotwire cutting. The efficiency of CNC foam is due to the rotating spindle and stable operation.

Advantages of using CNC foam cutter

A complex 3D foam model can be easily carved with a CNC foam cutter than conventional manual cutting or hot wire foam cutter. The CNC foam cutter leaves precise cuts of good quality. It is more flexible than other cutters. CNC cutters can process automotive foam molds with good arcs.

CNC foam cutter is suitable for carving molded expanded polystyrene into 3D models. The excellent rigidity and frame structure of CNC makes it a reliable cutting tool in various industries. Using this cutter, we can generate a perfect foam mold. Mechanical designs and architectural designs are first realized using a CNC cutter. CNC cutter processes foam with high precision. The appearance and internal structures are correctly maintained as per design. It helps designers to analyze and optimize their designs.

In traditional foam molding, the foam is melted and set into molds. These small nuclei form in foam molds. But CNC cutter doesn’t require any kinds of molds to make foam products. This machine carves the foam according to the commands of the computer. The process is efficient and convenient. Designers have to import their designs into specific software, and the machine would produce the product.


Why is Laser beam cutting?

  • A perfect filigree styrene contour cutting is possible.
  • The laser beam can be used to cut different types of foams.
  • Markings and engravings are possible in a go.
  • Unlike water jet cutting, no drying is necessary.
  • No distortion of material is observed in this cutting process.
  • Flexible application.
  • No residue of the material remains on the tool after the process.
  • No material wrapping.


Advantages of using Laser cutting

Laser is always the best option over other options to cut the foam. We shall explore the process of cutting with other tools. Let it be the knife; it exerts more pressure on the foam and causes distortion. The knife leaves unclean edges, whereas the cuts created by the laser are made untouched. The cutting made with laser is precise and most refined contours.

If the cutting is made with a water jet, during the separation of the two pieces, cut down moisture drawn into the absorbent of the foam. These water traces can be removed by drying, but it is a tedious and time taking process. Laser cutting eliminates this step, and the material can be used immediately. Thus, the laser becomes a perfect tool for styrene contour cutting.

CNC bit cutter and laser cutter are the best options to produce precise models of designs. Individual architects may not be able to afford the cutter. So the cutting services are catching up with the trend. Styrene Insulation Industry in UAE will be there for the professionals in realizing their designs through foam modeling.


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