Significance of Polystyrene Block Insert for Concrete Blocks



The styrene industry is one of the UAE-based companies that deal with Polystyrene Block Insert. It is a well-known brand that is known for manufacturing EPS block insert since 1995. It is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of polystyrene in the UAE. These materials are used in making floors, walls, ceilings of the building. It is light and easy to transport, which reduces the cost of transportation considerably. With the increase in the number of construction professionals who are exposed to EPS, one can expect rapid growth in the EPS block industry in due time.

What do you mean by Polystyrene block insert?

With the evolution in the manufacturing process, one can construct Polystyrene Block Insert efficiently. It has outperformed the traditional manufacturing of cavity insulation systems. It is one of the widely used technologies in all countries and regions globally. EPS comprises minute polystyrene beads manufactured by the polymerization process, in which styrene is a monomer. The quality of the foam varies according to the bead’s size distribution. It is an eco-friendly product containing 98% of air. One can get efficient thermal insulation if one uses these blocks for construction.


What are the characteristics of Polystyrene block insert?

There are several unique features of using polystyrene block insert. Some of them are:

  • High thermal insulation property that remains unaltered
  • A good compressive strength
  • Devoid of any chemicals
  • CFC free and eco-friendly
  • 100% recyclable
  • Flexible and durable
  • Light-weight that eases pressure on the wall’s load-bearing
  • Negligible absorption of water and humidity
  • Easy in transportation and installation due to less propping
  • EPS is cost-effective compared to concrete blocks
  • Long-lasting insulation property as they stay as permanent shuttering
  • Resistant to ageing, fire, vibration and rot

What is the advantage of polystyrene block inserts for concrete blocks?

Styrene is one of the best manufacturers of Polystyrene Insolite block Inserts in UAE. It has been the leading unit of polystyrene in the whole of the UAE. Some of the benefits of these blocks are as follows:

  • Bridges support – A well-designed EPS block insert can be used to support bridges. In the case of existing bridges, you cannot increase the load infill. The only optimal solution is to use the EPS blocks because they are lightweight and can safely load the underlying soil.
  • Railways embankments- EPS thermocol blocks can be used in railway embankments as they do not overload the pre-existing soils. It is a potent fill material for the railway project. One can also use the EPS blocks in the expansion of the light rail system. The heavy filling material can cause slope instability.
  • Road construction- In this changing world, where there is a massive demand for new roadways, EPS is the best material for constructing roads on soft soils and wetlands that can accelerate project schedules. One can use them to replace compressible soils because of their high resistivity. These blocks save a massive amount of time in construction because of their lightweight feature.
  • The Multiplexes setting- EPS is used in designing and constructing a multiplex setting. It is also used in gymnasiums and churches—the high compression and lightweight feature suitable to make such structures. EPS blocks are fabricated and then stacked to complete the design. The highly comfortable sitting in the cinema halls and gymnasiums is because of the EPS material.
  • Decorative items- It is instrumental in hiding the gaps between the surfaces. In this modern-day world, EPS has replaced the stones in decorative items. Before the cement coating, EPS is embedded in the mesh to give it a beautiful look.
  • Compatibility- Polystyrene Block Insert is compatible with all construction materials like wood, masonry, and steel. You can install the boards vertically over the cavities and the studs.


In what size the insolite block inserts are manufactured?

EPS block inserts come in different sizes and are manufactured in various densities. The manufacturer also produces it as per the requirement of the client. There are multiple styles and designs in which it is manufactured. Some of them are:

  1. Plain, simple and straightforward insert with no groove
  2. Inserts having U groove
  3. Inserts having V groove
  4. Inserts with a combination of U and V groove
  5. Inserts as required by the client

How can one recycle polystyrene?

You can recycle polystyrene in multiple steps. The steps to recycle the polystyrene are:

  • The products that need to be recycled are shipped to the plant for inspection. Then the contaminants like paper and food are removed.
  • Sorting is done on the material which separates the clean material from soiled waste.
  • Waste is then fed to the mixer to process into fluff.
  • Thermal heat is needed to melt the fluff and to remove the air.
  • The melted product that is received as output is pressurized into a die that has small openings.
  • It is then cooled and brought to room temperature, and chopped into pellets.
  • The pellets are then sent to manufacturers and suppliers to be later used to make toys, build insulations, and commercial purposes.

What makes polystyrene a perfect material to be used for all purposes?

The primary constituent of polystyrene is 95% air, making it an excellent insulator. Because of this feature, it is used in drink coolers and building insulation. Sound insulation is the only reason why we do not burn our fingers while holding a hot cup of coffee. The lightweight feature of EPS creates buoyancy in life vests. It is an ideal material for food packaging and food storage. Since EPS is compatible with every material, it is also helpful in making boxes and trays to serve fast food and other products.


If you have been planning of purchasing polystyrene blocks or other polystyrene products, you may buy them from the suppliers of Polystyrene Insolite block Inserts in UAE. In all the moist areas, where moisture is a cause of concern, EPS could be the perfect solution. Expanded polystyrene can be used for all purposes in the construction industry. With the ever-changing technology and evolution of humankind, we can expect that there would be more applications of this substance. You can directly buy it from Styrene and get a quality product.