Know All About The High Impact Of Polystyrene




Commonly termed as HIPS, High Impact Polystyrene is a modified rubber form of General-Purpose Polystyrene. Adding rubber to Polystyrene makes it highly durable. This thermoplastic comes with improved impact resistance and higher stiffness. Like all other thermoplastics, the HIPS will become flexible and soft upon heating but will re-solidify when cooled.

The high impacts of Polystyrene make it ideal for manufacturing components. Polystyrene is incredibly lightweight and the integration of rubber or any other material boosts its durability, strength, and insulation. It is suited to situations where cost-effectiveness and high impact resistance are needed. It is used in various industries such as the automobile industry, manufacturing industries, and food industries.

High impact Polystyrene comes with low volatility, easy fabrication quality, good gloss, and impressive insulation features. Besides unrivalled impact resistance, HIPS also offers more durability than your regular stainless steel.


Basic Characteristics of High Impact of Polystyrene

Polystyrene is nothing but a synthetic polymer material that may come in solid or foam form. Besides being one of the most durable plastic products, Polystyrene is commonly wide in different industries around the world. If you want something to maintain strength and durability in high-impact uses, opt for HIPS. However, if you want something with low water absorption and great mechanical strength, and Expanded Polystyrene will serve your purpose.

You can apply all types of adhesives and paint to it. Polystyrene is usually offered as sheets or rolls and they can be moulded easily to design your products.

High Impact Polystyrene is completely safe for use in the food industry. Additionally, it comes with a glossy appearance and is effortless to process. You can use them to make toys and other products as they are recyclable, sturdy, hygienic, and flexible.

General Properties:

  • FDA-compliant grades
  • Maintains strength and stiffness even in high impact situations
  • Easily mouldable
  • Good gloss
  • Great property retention
  • Low volatility
  • Recyclable
  • Impressive dimensional stability
  • 100% virgin resin
  • Can be thermoformed easily
  • Fabricates well
  • Can be die-cut, punched, or guillotine cut
  • Minimal property loss when recycled
  • Good machinability

Physical Properties:

  • Specific Gravity of 1.04g/cm
  • Tensile strength of 3130 psi
  • Impact strength of 2.20ft-lbs/in
  • Flexural strength of 4620 psi


Common Applications of High Impact Polystyrene

Some of the major industries are highly dependent on HIPS to manufacture their products. These industries often purchase toys, displays, prototypes, signs, 3D models, and printed graphics made of High Impact Polystyrene. You can also use them for manufacturing mechanical parts using thermoformed technology.

Additionally, people worldwide use these materials to design various kinds of shelves, fixtures, and kiosks. High Impact Polystyrene is usually more preferred than polypropylene, polyvinyl, and polyethylene because of its easy fabrication features. Additionally, the great flexibility and high impact resistance quality make polystyrene the most common choice in most industries.

High Impact Polystyrene has wide applications in the food industry as it will safeguard your food against fungal infections and is highly hygienic. Packaging materials designed with High Impact Polystyrene are ideal for short shelf-life food products as they are moisture-resistant and prevent the entry of germs.

Moreover, some improved HIPS grades offer unparalleled ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance), making it ideal for fatty foods packaging like butter. These lightweight and nonporous materials can also be easily molded to create different types of packaging and products.

You can also use High Impact Polystyrenes to design household appliances, packaging materials, electronic goods, cutlery products, containers, video cassettes, and light diffusers. Additionally, High Impact Polystyrenes do not harm the environment as they are completely non-toxic.

Other Common Uses:

  • Food Industry: Drinking cups and food packaging materials
  • Consumer Products: Toys, TV units, appliance components, audio-visual equipment, bicycle trailer, and tape cassettes
  • Automotive Industry: Gasoline tanks, fittings, and panels
  • Office Sector: Computer Housings
  • Print-of-purchase displays
  • Thermoformed parts and machine housings

Common Facts about HIPS

  1. HIPS offers high impact strength

High Impact Polystyrene is an improved version of regular Polystyrene and offers increased impact strength. The introduction of 5-10% butadiene copolymer or rubber increases the impact resistance and roughness of the Polystyrene. The high stiffness of the material makes it ideal for use in packaging products.

HIPS’sentirely high durability and impact caters to the need for medical, food, cosmetics, consumer goods, horticultural markets, and other industries.

  1. Modified Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a thermoplastic material with a natural transparency. It is available in different forms – GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene), EPS (Expandable Polystyrene), and HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). High Impact Polystyrene is often preferred owing to its impressive impact strength and molding capability.

  1. Ideal for food packaging uses

High Impact Polystyrenes come in FDA-approved grades, which makes them ideal for food packaging uses. The rigid nature and good hygiene features of HIPS make it suitable for designing food packaging products like bakery trays and clamshells.

It also comes with the inherent property of creating a moisture barrier that helps preserve short shelf-life food products. You can easily use these materials in low-heat food packaging products.

  1. Recyclable Material

High Impact Polystyrene is a completely recyclable material. Expanded Polystyrene Recycling is accepted all over the UAE and other parts of the world. You can recycle most containers, cups, clamshells, lids, cutlery, and other packaging products made of High Impact Polystyrenes.

  1. Easily Printable

You can design High Impact Polystyrene products using different printing methods like flexography, screen printing, and offset lithography. You can also paint on them or use other designing techniques to manufacture various kinds of packaging products.

  1. Easily Customisable

You can mold and customize High Impact Polystyrene easily. These are available in various colors, finishes, and forms. You can opt for matte surface or high gloss finishes. Moreover, there is a wide range of colors and laminate options.

Summing Up

HIPS Sheets are incredibly affordable with high impact characteristics and good stability. The unparalleled strength, machinability, and recyclability features of HIPS make it ideal for meeting the application needs of various industries. You can make all sorts of products with HIPS, such as industry trays, electrical insulation, refrigerator lining, yogurt containers, salad bowls, medical equipment, cassettes, and the like.




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