Revolutionizing comfort : The role of polystyrene beads in bean bag manufacturing

eps insulation beads


Bean bags are considered family friendly chairs suitable for diverse modern interiors and casual settings. The form, shape and durable nature of bean bags make them easy to carry anywhere at any time. Thanks to polystyrene beads and its moldable nature, the manufacturing of bean bags has revolutionized the concept of comfort.

Polystyrene beads are products of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and it is widely used for the manufacturing of bean bags around the world. Here’s why-

  • Easy to handle

Bean bags can be easily molded into any shape, as per the way you want to be seated. This is why bean bags are considered to be an ideal chair for comfortable seating. The lightweight and durable nature of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beads within the materials gives off a cushioning effect for the people who are seated.

  • Comfortable positioning

For people who do not necessarily like to break their backs over swivel chairs at workspace or formal settings, bean bags can facilitate good flexibility, whether you want to lay on your back or casually sit while leaning over to the side.

  • Stylistic choice

The fun form of the bean bags can make them look quite appealing for people who just want to enter the room to just sit and relax. Bean bags come in versatile colors and size and it is the perfect household item for a modern setting. If you look at the funky interiors of cafes in Japan, the bean bag chairs provide customers the freedom to sit around and converse in ease while sipping cold cappuccino with one hand.

  • Affordability

Bean bags are one of the creative innovations which are affordable and easily available on the market. Manufacturing of bean bags does not come with much complications and the stuffing consists of eps insulation beads which are quite inexpensive.

  • Outdoor Fun

Setting up a bean bag at the beach or the pool is a much better choice than stretching out on a plastic sunlounger. Resting on bean bags can alleviate pressure on your back as the cushioning effect of expanded polystyrene beads can provide ample space for your body to accommodate itself.

Manufacturing of Expanded Polystyrene Beads

The manufacturing of bean bags comes from the customization of expanded polystyrene into beads from the process of steaming and infusion of pentane gas.
Most manufacturers use small sized bean bag fillings for a more dense and cushioning effect. Experts like Polystyrene manufacturers in UAE use high quality fabric materials to fill up the eps insulation beads, ensuring strength and flexibility. After the manufacturing process, the bags are diligently carried for transportation in PVC bags and separately put out in the market for sale.

Keep an eye on Quality

It is important to keep track of the quality of the bean bags you are planning to purchase, as it can be difficult to differentiate high quality bean bags from fraudulent products sold just for the sake of reselling. So remember-
1.Firstly thoroughly check through the material for any wear or tear and avoid bags even with the slightest scratch or tear.
2.The bean bag should be ideally waterproof, especially for people who are engaged in outdoor activities
3.Zippers with a wide tooth are recommended by designers as it prevents the cloth from unraveling itself.
4.Bean bags can also be filled out with the polystyrene foam but it could easily wear out. Choose bean bags with beads for better alignment, comfort and shape.

Styrene: Polystyrene Experts

Styrene has a wide range of products suitable for manufacturing insulation based products. Styrene is happy to guide you through their inventory of expanded polystyrene based products by providing samples on request. Check with the Styrene website for more queries.


Polystyrene beads have made it into the manufacturing sector with a revolutionizing concept of comfort and convenience. There’s barely much risk or any kind of burden associated with the manufacturing of bean bags due to the durable and versatile quality of expanded polystyrene.

To sum it up, sitting on a bean bag after a long day can be quite therapeutic and relaxing for both adults and children because it is the cooling and calm effect of bean bags which make them stand out among other types of chairs in the market.


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