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Advantages of expanded polystyrene packaging services

Styrene packaging

  Styrene packaging is ideal among all other materials due to its unique properties. Polystyrene is light in weight and exhibits high thermal resistance. These properties can be molded to the desired shapes to fit the objects perfectly while packing them.  Expanded polystyrene costs less than any other packaging materials. They are lightweight and support…

The unprecedented characteristics and shock-absorbing properties of Polystyrene (EPS & XPS)

Polystyrene properties

  The Unparalleled properties of polystyrene make it one of the most versatile and widely used polymers. Polystyrene properties combined with its highly economical nature make it possible for manufacturers to come with innovative products. The distinctive characteristics of polystyrene give it a wide range of end-use applications. One such exceptional property displayed by polystyrene…

Know more about different types of Polystyrene and their applications

polystyrene applications

      Polystyrene (PS) is a synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer synthesized by free radical polymerization of styrene monomer. Polystyrene applications include a wide range of products, from toys to packaging materials to refrigerator liners. Due to its versatility, it is one of the most widely used plastics. Polystyrene is available as solid plastic, rigid…

Solubility and Stability of polystyrene wastes in an intemperance recycling process

Polystyrene recycling machines

  Polystyrene (PS) is one of the most used polymers in everyday life, and as it is thermoplastic, it can be melted and molded into many different plastic items. As a solution to the hardships in the disposal of such popular and widely used material, polystyrene recycling machines are proven to be advantageous and easier. …

Cooler Box made up of styrene:: Market Global Forecast to 2025

Polystyrene cooler box

  A cooler box is a portable, temperature-controlled, compact packaging solution that is used to maintain a product within a confined low-temperature range from harvest/production until the point of consumption. Polystyrene cooler box is one of the efficient and cost-effective cooler boxes available in the market. Polystyrene boxes can be made from both expanded polystyrene…

Features and usages of the Polystyrene Products

Polystyrene Products

  Polystyrene products are widely used in daily life and industries due to the unique properties of the material. We can see that polystyrene is used in packaging, appliances, modeling, insulation, interiors of cars, wall panels, etc. Surveys reveal that the polystyrene products market is rising. In 2016 the market was estimated at $62.4 billion….

Polystyrene Foam Cutting Services for Architectural Moldings

Polystyrene Foam Cutting

  A physical feel of a project is obtained from architectural modeling created by perfect polystyrene foam cutting processes. Architectural modeling is an integrated process of architectural design that architect follows during the building process.   Foam Material It is a very porous and soft material. Foam can be manufactured using raw materials like polystyrene, …

What is Polystyrene? Is Polystyrene Environmentally Friendly?


  Polystyrene is an economical, impact-resistant, and versatile plastic material that is used in various consumer products. As a transparent, solid, and hard plastic, Polystyrene is often used in manufacturing products that need clarity, like laboratory ware and food packaging. Polystyrene is often combined with additives, rubber, colorants, or any other plastic to make automobile…

Know all about the high impact of Polystyrene

Impact Of Polystyrene

Commonly termed as HIPS, High Impact Polystyrene is a modified rubber form of General-Purpose Polystyrene. Adding rubber to Polystyrene makes it highly durable. This thermoplastic comes with improved impact resistance and higher stiffness. Like all other thermoplastics, the HIPS will become flexible and soft upon heating but will re-solidify when cooled. The high impacts of…

Impacts and Risks of Polystyrene | Benefits, and Safety Facts

benefits of Polystyrene

Polystyrene is one of the most unique plastics used to make various consumer products. There are several benefits of Polystyrene as it is used in almost all food packaging labs. It is a synthetic polymer that is made from styrene monomer. It is made up of 95% air that makes it a lightweight and easy-to-use…