Ice Boxes Manufacturers and Suppliers in Dubai



Styrene, We are the top most Ice boxes manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, making us the ideal solution for packing and shipping food products, fragile commodities for relocation, and the protection of valuable electronic and surgical instruments. Styrene Ice Box provides additional absorbing properties that aid in the prevention of harm during travel. It is lighter, making it manageable and easily stored. Because it is light in weight, there is virtually less possibility of breaking while transiting. It is also odourless and fungus resistant, giving it excellent for picnics, parties, as well as gift ideas. These cold boxes have an ice retention capability of up to 6 days. Compact body with handles for ease of carrying and movement.
We are one of the Icebox manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, We are not only ice box suppliers but also provide a variety of products including Insolite Blocks And Sheets, Insolite Boards,Geofoam etc. Styrene enables you to immediately nail down the most cost-effective Ice boxes manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai based on value of exports, place of origin, number of shipments, price, and size. We can assist you in lowering your Icebox purchasing costs and improving your supply chain by letting you pick from a database of the most cost-effective, dynamic, and dependable Icebox suppliers based on the real shipping of Icebox.
We are glad to share our SII Ice Box from our extensive product line. These multi-purpose boxes are specifically developed for the safe transportation of pharmaceutical and food products. We always follow unique styles in every section of box manufacturers in UAE.They are perfect for one-time travel while also providing exceptional insulating capabilities that ensure consistent temperature for several days.
Do you need a separate size?We have a variety of sizes in stock, and you can also obtain a trial. As Iceboxes manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai, We always value the customer and provide convenient services without any delay.It was created to satisfy the total packaging needs of products that must be kept cold. Furthermore, its protected and leak-proof design safeguards the items kept inside from temperature and moisture fluctuations.



  • Because of its closed-cell structure made up of 99 per cent air, it has very low heat conductivity and provides high thermal stability. The good insulation qualities of boxes aid in the preservation of food and the prevention of condensation throughout the distribution chain which is a good quality of a perfect icebox among the Ice boxes manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai.
  • We are always conscious of our environment, thus providing an environmentally friendly product is critical. SII always offers a full proof of environmental protection and it has no nutritional value to stimulate fungal, bacterial, or animal growth. This makes it an excellent choice for food packing. It is likewise not toxic and harmless.
  • It is lighter and conveniently stackable.
  • All of the box’s edges are rounded, and the lids are manufactured with a specific groove interlock that gives an exceptional thermal lock.Special bottom grids prevent the boxes from harm while being handled.

The distinguishable feature from our competitor’sIce boxes manufacturers is our skill in constructing customised Ice boxes. We, the box manufacturers in UAE supply boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, styles, and capacities for clients to choose from.One of our most valuable assets is the excellent calibre of our technicians, as is the continuous improvement of our manufacturing philosophy in order to meet our marketing objectives.In the UAE, our products are used in a wide range of sectors. We meet the market need by creating and manufacturing iceboxes in UAE.


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