Contour Cutting

Styrene Contour Cutting for Architectural Moldings

As new product design is a crucial factor in the survival of a company, firms must continually refine and revise the design of their products to keep up with changes to their markets. Our custom Polystyrene foam block fabrication services include CNC Cutting and Routing including specialty EPS profiles and custom shapes for architectural moldings using a state of the art contour cutter. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is computer controlled cutting or routing of pre-designed programming uploaded into the machine. The benefits include high quality work, reduced waste, reduced frequency of errors, improved productivity and one-off, small run or full production capability.

Our foam contour cutting ability at Styrene Insulation Industry allows us to cut intricate custom shapes without the cost of dedicated tooling. We have both vertical and horizontal CNC contour cutting machines for cutting profiles on either the X or Y axis. Cutting Wires are controlled by precision software that uses customers’ prints to efficiently fabricate custom packaging, inserts, and handling trays. We are capable of cutting any 2 dimensional shapes in polystyrene, based on your requirement.

Styrene Insulation Industry manufactures high quality molded expanded polystyrene for protective, insulating, and aesthetic packaging as well as producing polystyrene insulation, polystyrene board, sheets and blocks. Whatever your polystyrene foam requirements, including High Density rigid polystyrene insulation for building and roofing applications, or bulk polystyrene foam blocks for sculpture, film scenery or dramatic productions, we can deliver the Quality you need, at the price you will like.


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