Insolite Vegetables & Dates Boxes

EPS boxes are used for thermal insulating and protective packaging. These polystyrene boxes make for an excellent piece of container for any kind of food, providing that insulation for a longer period of duration from temperature sensitivity whilst in transition. Due to their high benefit percentage and cost-effectiveness, EPS boxes make for the most authentic and suitable food packaging container options. EPS boxes have excellent thermal properties, which keep the food inside the box at a stable temperature and thus are used by almost all the food industry units for their packaging and product transit use. The expanded polystyrene makes these insolite vegetables and dates boxes fragile against vibration and shock, with high cushioning properties. The EPS is also non-toxic, lightweight, durable, and odorless and thus is the best packaging material when carrying food, vegetables, or ice. The best thing about EPS boxes is that these boxes are 100% recyclable and are thus eco-friendly and are approved and highly recommended for food transit packaging needs.


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