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EPS Food packaging boxes

Insolite Vegetables & Dates Boxes

Insolite packaging boxes are made up of excellent thermal insulation and shock-absorbing properties. EPS products are ultra-lightweight. Insolite polystyrene vegetables boxes and dates boxes are very protective and cost-effective products. EPS boxes make for the most authentic and suitable food packaging container options.

These insolite polystyrene boxes are mostly used for product transformation with a high level of protection. The expandable polystyrene is a non-toxic recyclable material, which is used to packing different types of food items. Vegetables and dates items need to preserve their liquids, temperature, and taste.

EPS boxes are tested by the polystyrene box insulation test. In this test measures the difference in thermal performance. By taking this test, the boxes will be temperature controlled packaging products. Polystyrene boxes are one of the best ways to provide temperature-controlled protective packaging to food products.

The best thing about EPS packaging is that these boxes are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. These insulation packaging boxes are highly recommended for food transit packaging needs.

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Insolite Dates boxes
Insolite Vegetable boxes
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Date Box

Size : 21X15X6 cm

Dates Box@ AED0.50/piece

Medium Veg. Box

Size: 32X19X10 cm

Medium Veg. Box@ AED 1/Piece

Customised EPS packaging UAE
Quality EPS packaging boxes

Large Veg. Box

Size: 45X25X18 cm

Large Veg. Box@ AED 2/Piece